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Plumbing & Small Repairs

Oversee plumbing and small repair on the homes of elderly and less fortunate families.



Counseling and outreach to individuals and families impacted by opioids epidemic.

Veteran Outreach & Support

The program collaborates with veteran groups and organizations to provide support to veterans in the areas o social and emotional development.

Wellness Program


The Wellness Program is designed to promote and address the health care needs of the community. Free Health Screening is provided to senior citizens and underserved populations.


Mary Lee Howell Holiday Food Boxes

The Mary Lee holiday food box program provides food boxes to approximately 600 elderly citizens during the month of December each year. 

Operation Share
Operation Share provide food boxes to approximately 500 elderly citizens each month.  

Future Leaders Program

The Future Leadership Academy is a program designed to focus on career readiness, college preparation, job skills, character training, and life skills. Teens between the ages of 13 to 18 years of age are challenged and inspired through the program. Leadership qualities will be strengthened, and job skills enhanced. The objective of the program is to equip our youth with the tools needed to meet the challenges ahead while providing an engaging environment in which they can fully thrive. 

For additional information, please call (803) 319-2405.

"To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required" 

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