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About Us


At the Holistic Wellness Center Projects, is our mission to empower our community by providing comprehensive programs that promote health, wellness, and personal growth for individuals of all ages. We are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where youth, families, and seniors can thrive. Through our integrative approach and focus on community development, we aim to inspire lifelong well-being, foster resilience, and build a stronger healthier community for generations to come. The center is located in the town of Hopkins at the intersection of Ault Road and J.W. Neal Circle. The Holistic Wellness Center is the perfect place for any celebration.

The Holistic Wellness Center Projects is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization in the Lower Richland Community. 

The banquet room, main arena and conference rooms are available for rent . Meeting space with access to the kitchen can be rented for special events. The banquet room, with 6,3000 square feet of elegant meeting space, features seating for state of the art audio and visual technology. The main arena offers seating for 300 with functional area of approximately 8,400 square feet. Space is designed for stage productions, special programs, conventions, expos as well as educational, wellness and fitness programs. 

Why the Holistic Wellness Center? 


It's a great place for your next event.​


Located in the greater Lower Richland area, the Holistic Wellness Center Projects offers spaces rooms, on-site caterers and event planners. Everything you need to make your next event a successful one.


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